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The Flying Owl

The Flying Owl is a delightfully unordinary™ paper boutique.. The Flying Owl is a delightfully unordinary™ paper boutique. We are dedicated to bringing back the art of a handwritten letter and having a few laughs (maybe even at your expense). Our shelves are lined with greeting cards that are smart, edgy, and help you smile—despite the challenges of modern day life. Along with good ol’ fashioned paper stuff such as cards, journals and notepads, The Flying Owl is home to artisan gifts crafted from local folks. Inspired from deep-rooted passion, we seek original, small batched items that are unique and well mastered.

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@FlyingOwlPaper Jul 29, 22:01

Always be grateful and write your thank yous. #thankyou #greetingcards #wordstoliveby #follow

@FlyingOwlPaper Jul 27, 01:57

Whether you're a shot or old fashioned kinda whisky drinker, we got the goods to help you knock…

@FlyingOwlPaper Jul 23, 22:09

Tunes & Tastings happens every Thursday from 4-8 pm! Come check out our awesome market vendors…

@FlyingOwlPaper Jul 23, 19:18

Thanks Instagramers for following us. Onward to 1000! #follow #f4f #followme #TagsForLikes

@FlyingOwlPaper Jul 23, 07:57

Maria, the lovey founder of Unicorn Moms, stopped by today for a little sass. UM stickers are…

@FlyingOwlPaper Jul 21, 00:18

Cussing makes you forget about the presidential election. #write #giftshop #agourahills

@FlyingOwlPaper Jul 20, 05:12

This is one of the journals that you should hide after writing in it. #agourahills #giftshop

@FlyingOwlPaper Jul 01, 23:55

When you care about your friends, let them know. #greetingcards #sassy #bff #chezgagne #sarcasm

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 29, 18:47

Have you visited our snarky little card shop yet? #agourahills #cardshop #shoplocal

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 28, 00:07

Take off those sunglasses and stay for awhile. #NationalSunglassesDay

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 22, 17:19

Make your statement at work with these changeable desktop cards. ☕️

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 21, 17:18

Mini cards for inspiration. Great gift for ladies who lunch.

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 17, 17:21

Reminder: it's Father's Day on Sunday. You're welcome. 👍🏻

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 16, 18:05

Join us at Whizin Market Square! Tunes & Tastings starts TONIGHT from 4-8PM! For more info:

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 15, 18:46

When you need to write it down. #journals #theflyingowl

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 14, 17:16

For your friends who say Fu*k a lot. 👊🏼

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 12, 17:10

Was your dad a hipster? Nice. (PS Father's Day is next weekend)

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 10, 17:07

It's Gay Pride Month. We have that section in our shop. #theflyingowl #agourahills

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 08, 17:02

It's National #BestFriendsDay... Like this post & tag your bestie in the comments and you could win a $10 gift card!

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 07, 17:13

Since you can't say "thank God you finally graduated"...graduations cards. 🎓

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 05, 17:09

It's 2 weeks away. Just get the damn card already. #fathersday

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 04, 18:00

Best gifts ever for the cheese lover, which is just about everyone. #nationalcheeseday

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 02, 17:04

Schools out. Make sure you get that "A"... #teachergift #bribery

@FlyingOwlPaper Jun 01, 18:02

Hello, June. Make it wonderful. #shoplocal #summer

@FlyingOwlPaper May 30, 18:25

Write more. Text less. #theflyingowl #agourahills

@FlyingOwlPaper May 29, 18:21

But it. Sign it. Stamp it. Then we'll do the rest...

@FlyingOwlPaper May 27, 22:07

How would Jesus dance on this fine Friday night? #agourahills @ The Flying Owl